Greg has been a full time resident of Summit County for many years.  Initially selling real estate he began to wonder how much it costs to build on of those homes he had been selling.  In 2001 he decided to find out.  He estimates he spent over 3,000 hours researching and building his first home on The River Course in Keystone.  That initial home led to many more projects and he found he absolutely loved the building process.  He is a perfectionist.  There is only one way to do things - the right way.  Do it right once!

Greg is here to assist you with each step of the home building process.  He will help you choose the right architect for your specific project to help you design your dream home.  He has worked with several local architects and several from the front range (Denver and Boulder areas).  All are excellent at working with their clients to envision their mountain dream home.

Greg will work with the necessary Design Review Boards or County or Town committees on your behalf to get your project approved and ready for permitting.  Many times this can take three or four meetings and can take several months.  With his experience with the various committees this sometimes can be expedited.

Throughout the building process there are literally hundreds of situations where decisions need to be made.  This is one of Greg's strong points, keeping you aware of what is happening, helping answer questions, letting you know how things are going.  He personally will be on site daily supervising, monitoring the progress, not just sending a site supervisor.

There will be 100% transparency in the billing and subcontractor payment process.  All copies of of bids and all receipts will be provided for review and be available 24/7.  We are currently researching a cloud process so that this can be done online. (To be determined)

Many builders offer a one year warranty.  If Greg builds for you he will be around for the long haul to take care of your home.  He has has recently helped his owners with an addition, re-sizing a TV opening, gutter work, landscaping help.  He'll be here for you.

Please give Greg a call.

Thank you.